Damages Sought for Negligence and Wrongful Death in Bariatric Surgery

We have brought suit in Cook County Circuit on behalf of the widow and estate of “WG,”  a man who underwent what should have been routine gastric bypass surgery. Prior to the surgery the physician put WG on blood thinners but did not obtain a coagulation study or a ProTime INR test as standard measures to determine the clotting tendency of the patient’s blood. In the two days following the surgery his hemoglobin level fell nearly 25 percent, a strong indicator of blood loss.  Nevertheless, he was discharged on October 5, 2011 without investigating the cause of his dropping hemoglobin and ruling out internal bleeding from the surgery. Two days later he was rushed back to the hospital with internal bleeding that led to his death. Our lawsuit alleges multiple negligent deviations from the standard of care in not ordering basic tests that would have shown WG’s propensity for internal bleeding, and for not following up on evidence that such bleeding was taking place.

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